Collection: Koltakov, Alexander

Alexander Koltakov is a Canadian artist born in the Crimea. He came to Canada in 2007. Toronto was his first home and he now lives in the very picturesque seaside country of Halifax, where he soaks up natural beauty and wonder and processes these images through his eyes, mind, hands, right onto canvas and into plaster. Alexander studied painting in the art studio in Crimea and later in Toronto School of Art. Alexander participated in many plein air and life painting events in Nova Scotia and Ontario. His artworks are presented in art galleries and private collections across the world.

Artist Statement

I am very passionate about the beauty of nature and aspiring to express not just a picture, but instead portraying Life itself, without forgetting the wonder of the Human presence accompanying it. I try to capture a scene that we often take for granted, or miss, but it is unique and special, full of light and colors and has a huge emotional impact on our life.