Collection: Kuwahara, Ron

Ron Kuwahara began his artistic vocation with a rewarding career as a physicist. His artistic compulsion to draw and paint led him to leave scientific life and to study at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design He completed a BFA with major in painting in 2011.

Artist Statement

My scientific background complements my artistic aspirations by looking for underlying structures and patterns in the natural world, the urban setting and the human form.

Vision is a complex interaction between the eye and the brain. While much of our visual attention is focused on objects within a scene, our peripheral vision captures the wider sensations of the colour and light and provides our subconscious with an overall picture.

My paintings convey the peripheral or unconscious image by leaving out the focused details. The details are obscured by rough brushstrokes and indistinct patterns. My landscapes show common everyday scenes of Nova Scotia. My figurative works address the in-between moments that we glimpse from the “corner of our eye”.