Collection: Lacey, David

Influences on David’s paintings come primarily from the French Impressionists, the American Luminists, and the Group of Seven.  His paintings have evolved over the years and he now works in watercolour, oil, and acrylics.  His style is best described as painterly impressionism. 

Nova Scotia provides a rich subject matter for David's paintings.  His subjects include the sturdy homes that dot the countryside and the long lanes and winding roads that weave through the Annapolis Valley and along the Bay of Fundy.  The Cape style fishing craft that abound in Nova Scotia and the ebb and flow of the tides along the coast are also found in his work. 

Artist Statement

Art is about seeing. Not just finding your way through the maze of life but truly seeing the magic along the way. We are born with two sets of eyes. One set allows us to function and not hit walls or step over cliffs. Most who are fortunate are born with these. The other set are the eyes of epiphany, the ones that allow us to see true light, nuances of motion and the art in the everyday. We are all born with these eyes as well, I believe but many never use them or know of their existence. It is the duty of the artist to help the world to see through these eyes. This task may be through abstraction, realism or anywhere in between. It is not our choice to do this, it is a calling.

 My personal calling is interpretation of landscape and seascape. To me there is no greater joy than getting it right, perfect light, colour, contrast and composition. Not duplication but translation into an understandable language of sight. I hope you see.

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