Collection: Larkman, Janet

Janet Larkman (aka LARK) graduated from NSCAD University in 1990. She also spent a year studying at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She has always painted, and had her first show in Toronto in 1983 after studying with abstract painter Gail Ashby.

However, she chose to study sculpture and ceramics rather than painting at NSCAD. It is not surprising then that her paintings involve the use of tools most commonly used with metal, wood or clay. Her studio is in the woods near Annapolis Royal, where she spends a lot of time in dialogue with trees. She is interested in the mysterious edges at which the physical world intersects with the spiritual. She explores this notion through various processes of adding and taking away, covering and revealing. Her paintings and sculptural pieces are found in collections throughout North America, and galleries on the West and East coasts.

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