Collection: Lazanik, Gillian

Gillian's journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from McMaster University, followed by a diverse career path that fuelled her profound exploration of art and creativity. As a restaurateur on College Street in Toronto, she curated art exhibitions alongside culinary experiences. Later, she pursued a degree in Interior Design, which laid the foundation for a thriving business in design and architecture, further enriching her artistic vision.
Throughout her various careers, Gillian always made art, weaving it into her everyday life. Recently, she decided to stop searching for ways to incorporate art into her work and instead made it her priority, answering the call that had always been there.

Artist Statement

Explore maritime landscapes through the lens of fractal beauty, where chaos and order intertwine in intricate patterns. Using preserved, natural mediums, I create lifelike textures with subtle scents, capturing nature's essence on canvas. Meticulously sealed and lacquered, each piece ensures enduring vibrancy and preservation.