Collection: Lehtonen, Kristiina

Kristiina Lehtonen is originally from Finland and now lives in Nova Scotia. She studied at the Art School of Pori, Finland (1988-1992) and graduated as a printmaker—embarking upon her career in art.  Prior to coming to Nova Scotia in 2010, Lehtonen ran her own art gallery in Fiskars In Finland for ten years.

Artist Statement

I make art because I have ideas in my mind and I want to see how they look in pictures. I love nature, and it is present in the majority of my etchings. My pictures tell stories and represent the world as it should be: a safe, beautiful and joyful place. I use age-old intaglio techniques (mainly etching and aquatint) which make it possible to take several prints and use a lot of details in them - I love details! Art is the joy of life to me. It is something that I can do and want to do.

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