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Cluny Maher was born in 1941 in Frampton, Quebec. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts (1963) and a Bachelor of Education (1964) from the Loyola College in Montreal, he taught for twelve years in the public school system. In 1973 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sir George Williams University, Concordia, Quebec.

In 1977, Cluny moved to Nova Scotia, settling with his family in the Annapolis Valley. This beautiful rural landscape continues to be an inspiration for him. He has exhibited and sold his work in several locations throughout Canada and the United States.

Artist Statement

Through my painting, I am attempting to express, in a personal way, my reaction to the landscape in which I live. It is my hope that each painting captures a bit of the visual excitement, at times dramatic but more often of a quiet, pastoral nature which abounds in rural Nova Scotia. The old homesteads, wooden barns, uncluttered vistas and twisting country roads are a dwindling resource along the eastern seaboard of our continent.

My ambition is to apply color to my paint surface in the spontaneous and immediate fashion to convey and amplify the impact of the landscape and share this experience with the viewer. You must use expressive color and break borders. It is the breath of life and it takes a lifetime to master.

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