Maurer, Deborah

Deborah Maurer is a daring, passionate figurative artist whose distinctive style and artistic voice has matured over decades of study and experimentation. Her work is bold — at times uncomfortable, often humorous. She is an interdisciplinary artist — a painter, printmaker, and sculptor. Deborah often combines mediums in search of the truest expression of an idea.

Her education is a collage — a compilation of OCAD, U of T, Open Studio (Toronto), NSCAD, and many others. Most notable among her countless influences is the late Canadian figurative artist Telford Fenton, under whom she studied and with whom she shared a hometown — Chesley, Ontario.

Artist Statement                                                        

I am an interdisciplinary, expressionistic, figurative artist. So, that means: I work in a number of mediums, my greatest influence has been the Expressionist Movement, and that the central focus of my work is the figure. I am a sculptor, painter, and printmaker, and I often combine mediums in a single work. Examples of this could be combining printmaking and collage with acrylics, pairing steel with paint and assemblage, or ceramics with wire, collage and oil paint.

I’m currently exploring enamels and fabrication techniques with copper and silver. Learning and exploring have always been an important part of my creative practice. I have a very restless mind and finding new ways of expressing what is in it helps me channel the creative energy in a positive and productive way.

Through my work I explore what it is to be human in a world fraught with grief and fear, but also seasoned with joy. I am intrigued by life in general, but especially by the relational dynamics of person to person in the larger context of the world around us. This theme has persisted throughout my artistic career.

Another element that has been consistent in my work over the decades is the use of line. For me line is very powerful, both in the application of it and as I stand back and experience it in a finished piece. Line is a unique language that allows me to freely express myself, as well as being an irreplaceable release for the pent up energy within.

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