Maurer, Deborah

Deborah Maurer is a daring, passionate figurative artist whose distinctive style and artistic voice has matured over decades of study and experimentation. Her work is bold — at times uncomfortable, often humorous. She is an interdisciplinary artist — a painter, printmaker, and sculptor. Deborah often combines mediums in search of the truest expression of an idea.

Her education is a collage — a compilation of OCAD, U of T, Open Studio (Toronto), NSCAD, and many others. Most notable among her countless influences is the late Canadian figurative artist Telford Fenton, under whom she studied and with whom she shared a hometown — Chesley, Ontario.

Artist Statement

My work is about the human condition: the dynamic of relationships, how we feel about ourselves, and how we treat each other. Occasionally my work includes animals, and increasingly I feel the urge to draw in elements of our environment —how we respond to the natural world around us.

I think of each piece I create as an event — I constantly struggle to find a distinctive way to tell its unique story. Line has always been at the core of my work, in fact it is the life of the line that defines my work—that is, the fluidity, delicacy, agitation, power, and texture of the line expresses the dynamic of the event that I portray. As a result, line itself unifies my ever growing and evolving body of work.

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