Maurer, Deborah

Deborah S. Maurer is an interdisciplinary artist who was born in 1950 in Chesley, Ontario, lived  her adult life in the Toronto area, and for the past three years has made Halifax NS her home.

Her studies have been broad and include programs at NSCAD, OCAD, U of T, Open Studio (Toronto), Haliburton School for the Arts, and the ROM to name a few. Deborah has been a practicing artist/sculptor for over 40 years, has won numerous awards and commissions, and has exhibited extensively in Canada, the United States, and Norway.

Artist Statement

Creating art is my way of making sense of life’s chaos. While it may seem intuitive to approach chaos with calm and serenity, the irony is that I approach artistic creation in a storm of energy. Without the act of making art, life would be overwhelming and intolerable for me.

While approaching a new piece, I find myself in a state of explosive creative energy that needs to be focussed before I put brush to canvas or cutter to steel. I consider each and every work that I make, regardless of subject matter, to be a self-portrait; that is, my work is an extension of myself and my life experiences.

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Filter Pieces