Collection: Melanson, Stuart

Stuart Melanson was born and raised in Sissiboo Falls, Digby County, Nova Scotia.  He earned a diploma in Graphic Design at NSCC Middleton - this where his interest in painting began.  After graduation, Stuart moved to Halifax where he attended art classes at NASCAD.  To further develop his technique, Stuart travelled to Colorado Springs for a week-long artist workshop featuring three leading wildlife artists (Brenders, Hunt, and Seerey-Lester).  Having been primarily self-taught, Stuart finds his success comes from inspiration, observation, studying, learning, practice, and more practice!

Artist Statement

I paint because I’m a fan of the arts.  Many people fall in love with music, theatre, writing, sculpture, and so on... I fell in love with art - not just making it, but obtaining it as well!  I study wildlife, still life, comic book, and abstract art.  I want to learn from many artists and art forms so that I can create my own style.  I continue to learn by painting a variety of subjects and styles.  Again, why do I paint?  I paint so that one day I will be considered not only a painter, but an artist.