Collection: Mosher, Dorothy

Dorothy grew up in Saint John, New Brunswick, and has been living in Halifax since 1969. She has been painting since 1974, when she began classes in oils with Liz Wilcox, and has had a number of instructors in the years since. She studied watercolour technique and favours a pure watercolour approach introduced by the late Robert Percival.

For several years, Dorothy taught local groups in both oils and watercolour. She has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in several local galleries.

Artist statement

I enjoy painting plein air when the weather permits. I usually use watercolours when on location and always begin the painting in a loose fashion. Then I paint the finishing details in my studio at home. My dad’s life work involved landscaping and so, early on, I was inspired to favour painting landscapes. I think it’s important to really put your feelings into a painting.

There are so many interesting locations in the Maritimes and I enjoy travelling around to pick out an inspirational setting. When I talk about a painting, it’s often difficult to explain why a certain colour goes here or there – I guess it’s just because it feels right. As long as I can see and hold a brush, I’ll never tire of painting.

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