Collection: Oram, Jane

Jane is a self-taught photographer who is based in Dartmouth, NS. She began her journey as a street photographer who worked primarily in black and white. After a three decade pause, she returned to photography during the digital revolution. With a renewed passion, Jane has developed her approach through travel, courses, self study, photo groups, online forums, and books.

Jane became a member of ViewPoint Gallery in 2021. Since then, she has held two solo shows. Both shows featured street photography from Canada and Mexico .  The second show focussed specifically on  nighttime street photography. She has also participated in a number of shared exhibitions at ViewPoint Gallery and a show with the Halifax Art Map.

Artist Statement

I am fascinated by the power of photography to influence how people perceive reality.  In my practice. I am continually trying to clarify the qualities that can transform an image into a universal study of beauty and humanity.

For over a decade, photography has been integral part of my daily life. My camera is a constant companion. It helps me see the world more intensely and establish a deeper connection to my community and the places I visit. My style reflects a routine of daily walks in nature and the urban environment.

Although I am a generalist, I am increasingly drawn to street photography and images taken at night. I also love creating minimalist seascapes which highlight light and form. Whatever the focus, my goal is to portray the distinct characteristics of the people and the places where I live and travel. I am constantly paying attention to framing and how the quality, colour and angle of light can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.