Collection: Phinney, Karen R.

Karen has been painting and drawing for most of her life, and has studied under various teachers in New Brunswick (N.B. Craft School) and Halifax. She has experimented with different media, and after years of doing watercolour decided to switch to acrylics. She enjoys painting many different subjects, including street scenes, still life, and landscapes.

Karen has shown her works in galleries across Halifax, and has donated artwork to various local charities. In 2010, she took part in an international show in Uruguay along with other local artists. The exhibit, titled “Joaquin: In His Shoes”, was a tribute to the Uruguayan artist Joaquin Torres-Garcia and was attended by Canadian Embassy folk and many South American luminaries. Karen’s works can be found in collections across Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Uruguay, and Switzerland.

Artist Statement

I always think an artist should show the love they feel for the subject in their work, and I try to do so. Art is a dialogue between the artist and the viewer and it is therefore very meaningful to me when something I have done resonates with an observer. Most artists, I am sure, would agree that it is this experience that brings them the most joy and satisfaction in what they do.