Collection: Poirier, Joanne

Joanne was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in 1960. She is a graduate of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Jewellery was the main focus of her formal art education. She held an interim one-year position as the technician in the jewellery department at NSCAD.

Joanne is a self-taught painter. She began exploring oil painting 25 years ago. She describes her work as abstract landscapes that often echo her love of the ocean and coastline of Nova Scotia.

Artist Statement

25 years ago, I made a leap of faith. I left behind the comfort of the familiar East Coast for the unknown landscape of the West. My art-making process evolved from drawing to oil painting over the subsequent years and eventual geographical shifts back towards the East Coast.

Painting still represents new beginnings for me. I remain enthralled and passionate, excited by the possibilities – the sensuousness of colour, line, form and texture. Each canvas offers another visual experience, for myself in the creation of the work, and for the viewer in the contemplation of what it has to offer.

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