Collection: Pottyondy Stoffer, Andrea

Born and raised in Quebec, Andrea also lived in Yukon Territory and presently calls Nova Scotia home. She studied art with the University of Southern California, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design extended studies, and has taken workshops with professional artists in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Andrea is a member of several art groups/collectives and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists. She volunteered (2006-2019) as a docent at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Her artwork has been purchased by the Nova Scotia Art Bank (2009) and is published in Nova Scotia’s Contemporary Artists Volume II (2010), International Women Celebrate, 100 Women Artists Reflect (2011), Arabella Magazine (2013), Our World in Colours and Forms, Hungarian Visual Artists of Canada, Fifteen Years (2014) and recently in Arabella Magazine as a showcase artist (2020)Her artwork has received awards and recognition.

In 2017 she published “Visual Haiku - A Mother Daughter Journey”, an art and poetry collaboration with her daughter Jasmin Stoffer, which is available through Blurb.

Andrea's art hangs in private and corporate collections in Canada, USA, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia.​

Artist Statement

Andrea is an artist who sees potential in common bits and pieces of everyday life, transforming ephemera, vintage papers and found objects into her recognizable artworks. From life experience, sensory memory and the act of gathering, sorting and combining, she finds connectivity. She may collage, assemble or simply use paint to create artworks, letting her intuition guide the process. Pattern, colour and line imbue her works.

Andrea hopes art viewers and collectors respond to the artwork by feeling the emotive nature of her oil painted land/seascape and the nostalgia of her mixed media florals and abstracted artworks.