Collection: Potvin-Boucher, Jacqueline

Jacquie Boucher is an indigenous Metis artist (Cree/Irish/French), born in Alberta and arrived in Nova Scotia 16 years ago to achieve her Bachelor of Design at NSCAD University and also studied towards her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Dalhousie University and Athabasca University. She believes Art and Psychology go hand in hand – both as a way of expressing ourselves and in understanding our thoughts and others’ creative perspectives.

She started out her career in Adolescent and First Nations Mental health as a published author but decided to focus on the healing benefits of art. As a professional artist, she taught painting and art healing for five years through her own business and is now focusing all her time to her own artwork reconnecting with her roots. Jacquie has been a professional artist since 2009 with paintings currently hanging in public and private galleries across Canada and the United States. 

Artist Statement

I have a passion for painting clouds with visions from my ancestors and guiding spirits. Through a meditative painting process, I connect with the universe where time and space meet and shadows are nonexistent. During this creative exploration, I gain insight into the lives that walked before us, discovering where I am from and where I may be going in life.