Collection: Power, Dave

I took a couple of weekend workshops with Bob Morouney and evening classes at NSCAD with Maria Doering. From these master printmakers I discovered how fascinating printmaking is. In the summer of 2017 I was able to participate in a summer workshop at Crown Point Press in San Francisco. Working with the copper plates and the mechanics of the press interested me as much as the actual art work.

I am a member of Printmakers Nova Scotia and Visual Arts Nova Scotia. I have shown in group showings with NSP and participated in their print exchange A Sense of Belonging. I have had a solo show at VANS Corridor Gallery and have also participated in a few international print exchanges. I find printmaking and all that goes with it interesting and rewarding.


Growing up in an artist family and having a mother who graduated from NSCAD and taught there in the 30’s, I was exposed to art my entire life but never took much of an interest. I dabbled in watercolors and oils for a short time and then one day took a serious look at a collection I had of my mother’s prints and copper plates from her early career. Being a Marine Coppersmith and being familiar with copper it all started to come together. I tried dry point and etching on my own and soon realized that to be serious with this I would need a press. I was able to design and construct one and turn my old basement rec room into a studio but would need some training to learn the proper techniques.