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Zehava was born and raised in beautiful Israel, as the oldest of five siblings with wonderfully supportive and creative parents. Zehava's imagination, creativity and talent were nurtured as a way of life.

In her early twenties, after serving in the Israeli Air Force for three years, Zehava participated in a painting class and used professional paint and brushes for the first time. She then enrolled in a graphic design program in a local college. After the first year of the program, she moved with her parents and siblings to Toronto, where she completed her Graphic Design certificate.

Zehava worked as a graphic designer for about ten years. During this time, she got married and had two children. She moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia, and settled in Halifax with her family, staying home to raise her children while continuing to develop her talents as a muralist and painter. 

In 1999, in a desire to be self-employed, Zehava started painting interior murals for businesses and homes. She painted a variety of those across Canada. She also has been involved in teaching art workshops to elementary school children for the last five years, as well as having recently started teaching art to adults


Influence for Zehava's work comes from the French Impressionists, the Group of Seven and other contemporary artists. Inspiration comes from people and scenery that surrounds her. She is interested in scenes that bring out the beauty and aesthetics of the otherwise mundane. She strives to capture and communicate that sense of joy to her viewers through her trademark flamboyant use of color. Zehava was exposed to many different cultures, climates and light conditions due to her moves and travels through the world. Her fascination with this range of subjects led her to a versatile and diverse painting style that is best described as representational and loose. Zehava enjoys bright, bold color, contrast, and free painting technique. She works mainly at her studio, often using photos for reference. She loves painting people involved in their daily activities.

In addition to her studio work, Zehava also paints plein-air and participates in annual events such as Paint the Town, (Annapolis Royal), and Paint Sea on Site (Lunenburg) where she enjoys painting outdoors and interacting with the people in the streets.

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