Collection: Roberts, Nancy

Nancy Roberts grew up in Indiana, earned her BA at Oberlin College in Ohio, and lived in Boston before moving permanently to Canada in 1976. Raising four children and a career in graphic design also preceded her discovery of clay in the early 2000s.

Her sculpture techniques are largely self-taught, with help from excellent instructors in community courses and a session at Haystack Mountain School of Craft.

Since 2013, she has created six solo shows among Swoon Fine Art, the Craig Gallery and Visual Voice Gallery in Truro.

In September 2022, she will be Teichert Gallery’s first Featured Artist in sculpture.

Nancy Roberts’ sculptures have made their way to collectors in several US states. Her work has also found a home in juried group shows at the Mary E. Black Gallery, the Craig Gallery, several at Swoon Fine Art in Nova Scotia; at galleries or shows in Hudson, NY, Gainesville FL, and Philadelphia.


I make hand-built, one-of-a-kind sculpture, from themed fortune cookies to unheard-of creatures.

Some have called the sculptures surreal. Most resemble life forms, but are not any real creature. However, they seem sentient, and I think that is what makes them interesting.

I build after my own heart and I love the freedom to realize some of the crazy ideas that come from I-don’t-know-where. My goal is for the works to create a response in the viewer, or at least to intrigue and entertain. There is more than one answer to What is it?”