Rosengarten, Violet



Violet Rosengarten began her artistic career as a textile artist, apprenticing with the indigenous people in Mexico and Guatemala. Her scarves and shawls sold at high-end boutiques on Madison Avenue and at Bonwit Teller in New York.  Her tapestries explored colour, texture and abstraction.


Upon graduating with a BFA in 1989 from Concordia University in Montreal, she became a painter. Violet creates mixed media abstract paintings, and also enjoys plein air painting. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in Quebec, Ontario and now in Nova Scotia.


Artist Statement


I make art because I love to. It makes me happy. I like to challenge myself and continually grow as an artist. I am inspired by nature. I concentrate on plein air paintings in the summer and fall and make mixed media abstract paintings in the winter. The landscape paintings and the abstracts inform each other. I texture the surface and I like to work with an under painting in acrylic with oil on top. I appreciate the beauty of black, white and grey, but also love brilliant colours and lots of texture in my work.

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