Collection: Sinclair, W. Scott

W. Scott Sinclair was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and graduated from Central St. Martin’s School of Art and Design in London, England in 1978.

Scott began working seriously in watercolours in 2009 after recovering from major eye surgery, often spending hours each day squinting and sketching while waiting for his vision to return. He began painting again as soon as possible – a way of celebrating the return of his sight.

Scott has lived in Halifax since 1996 after moving from Toronto, and teaches drawing and design at NSCAD. His watercolours hang in private collections in Nova Scotia, England and Scotland.

Artist Statement

Basically, I see myself as a non-regional landscape watercolourist. I use a collective visual approach to image creation. Images are generated from many sources -my travels, my site sketches, my photos, my memories. A sense of place, light quality and weather often dominate my inspirations. Always drawn to strong motifs, I work to capture a moment that pulls the viewer into my experience.