Collection: Smith, Greg

Greg Smith grew up in the country near Keji National Park, and developed a love for fields, forests, and waters at an early age, as well as a love for drawing and painting. He later worked with the government, having a job which allowed him to work in parks, crown land, and wilderness areas. His love and connection with the natural world only increased over the years, and more and more he turned to painting to express those feelings. He has shown work at group exhibits over the years, and had a couple solo exhibits as well. He currently lives in Fall River and finds inspiration for painting throughout Nova Scotia.


Painting is a learning process for me. I work primarily in oils, and am interested in all subjects including landscapes, seascapes, still life, and portraits. Though my work is based on realism, my goal is not to copy a subject. I am looking for what gives the subject meaning and what will awaken emotions. Good days are when I feel like I am close to finding that. Life is an adventure that we live, one day at a time, one painting at a time.

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