Collection: Specht, Christa

Starting out with sketching as a child, adding oil painting as a teen, watercolor as an adult, and acrylic just recently, Christa Specht has always enjoyed making art.

Her work has been sold at Argyle Fine Art’s “Pre-Shrunk” show, as well as Teichart Gallery’s “Paint the Gardens” exhibit.  She has also sold work at multiple outdoor painting events around the maritimes.  And in the spring of 2019 she put together a show of floral art at Gallery Nineteen Nineteen in support of the Huntington Society of Canada.

Recently her focus has been on creating small watercolors on textured panels.


I enjoy the challenge of art.  I enjoy the way art rewards effort, gradually at first, then almost exponentially as new skills are learned and old skills become second nature.  I enjoy looking back at what I used to think was impossible, and realizing that nothing is actually impossible.  And I enjoy forging ahead with new ideas, not knowing exactly what will work and what won’t.  But mostly, I enjoy turning the seed of an idea in my head into something concrete in the real world.