Collection: Syme, Paul

Paul’s focus on painting began as a Bachelors of Fine Arts student at the University of Guelph in the early 1990s. By 1995, Paul earned his Bachelors of Education, and then in 1996 attended NSCAD as a Masters of Arts student in art education.

Paul has been teaching art at Horton High School in the Annapolis Valley since 1997. He also teaches Creative Pedagogy to educators at Acadia University. Paul has continued to paint and draw professionally while teaching and raising a family in Hantsport. On three occasions, Paul has been recognized by his peers through juried art shows for his commitment to innovative painting with expression.

Artist Statement

Visual references provide opportunities to lay down marks that capture life and movement. Where most subject matter comes from personal adventures or people around me, every stroke or scape is laid down with an expressive breath. Moments that feel contrived or fussy are scraped away. It is my objective to only keep marks that appear incidental or accidental and placed where, in the end, the overall image appears precise. What excites me most in any medium is to reveal moments that are direct, alive, sincere, and unexpected.

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