Collection: Terry Drahos

Originally from Chicago, IL, Terry Havlis Drahos received her Bachelor of Design from Southern Illinois University and Bachelor of Education from Acadia and NSCAD Universities specializing in Art and Technology.

Terry now lives in Wolfville, NS. Her varied involvement in the Nova Scotia arts community includes serving on the Board of Directors of Visual Arts Nova Scotia and as chairperson of the Alliance of Kings Artists. She initiated and directs Uncommon Common Art Project (2008-present).

Drahos has exhibited nationally, and is the recipient of numerous grants and awards. She was involved in a group guerrilla sculpture initiative throughout Wolfville (2005-06). Solo exhibitions include In Deep, Craig Gallery (2009) and Assumptions at ARTsPLACE (2007).

Artist Statement

My spontaneous working process is primarily additive: each painting is built with layers of various tones, transparencies and sometimes photographs. I tend to use rich dark colours and somber, murky hues that act as foils to bold primaries and other luminous colors.

I am both inspired and overwhelmed by the limitless possibilities of abstraction, and use various systems, such as photography and geometry, to create parameters. My aim is to create the appearance of deep or voluminous space— environments in which the viewers’ imagined narratives may take place; I pit precision against imperfection, design against instinct, rule against abandon.

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