Collection: Toth, Eva

Eva was born in Hungary and immigrated to Montreal in 1956. She has worked in the past as a career counselor. Her sense of adventure has led her to working in Labrador and the Northwest Territories, as well as a year-long journey travelling through China, Tibet, India, Nepal and even Everest Base Camp.

Eva is self-taught but has taken workshops from N.S. abstract artists and is influenced by abstract expressionists. She is an experimental abstract artist who loves bold colours, texture, and gestural lines based on feelings.

Eva has exhibited in group and individual shows in Nova Scotia and has had her work accepted by the Society of Canadian Artists. She contributes paintings to several charities.

Artist Statement

I am inspired by large, open spaces and simplicity: mountains, skies, oceans – all endless vistas.

I paint intuitively and my goal is to express a feeling, memory or experience in an abstract way. Sometimes my painting comes together almost effortlessly; mostly it is a struggle where I paint many, many layers before it comes together and I am satisfied that it is authentic.

I enjoy painting large canvases energetically and spontaneously.