Collection: Toth, Steven

Steven Toth was born in Budapest Hungary, immigrating to Canada in 1956, grew up in Toronto; his father was an accomplished artist and sculptor.

Received an Honors degree in painting from York University 1977, studied in Florence Academy, Italy, Budapest School of Fine Arts, and Boston Museum School of Fine Arts. They offered a more objective approach to creating art rather than purely a subjective one. Realism, representational, abstract.

He moved to Nova Scotia in 1979 to paint the ocean and its landscape, gradually changing focus to more abstract work. He enjoys working in a representational and abstract, also sculpture, trying to balance all three.
His works are in numerous private and corporate collections in the Untied States, Canada Europe, Art Bank of Nova Scotia. Professionally exhibited in numerous one-man and group shows in Toronto, Halifax, Boston and Hungary.

Artist Statement

“Art should not be limited by one specific style, medium, process. Every moment of observation around us is not constant ever changing. I try to capture the essence of the moment. A particular series will engage me for a few weeks, a few years. Hopefully appreciated and engaging the viewer, whether a work represents an actual recognizable image or feeling in a particular body of work”- Steven Toth