Collection: Van Meer, Duane

Duane Van Meer was born in Kingston Ontario. He has been painting since he was 16 years old and has been influenced by the work of Norman Rockwell. Duane is a member of the retired RCMP, and took a two-year commercial art course at the Famous Artists’ School Westport CT. He worked with a commercial artist who was painting fine art at the time, and Duane made the switch to that style. Primarily self taught, Duane took some courses, and worked in workshops and out of instructional books. He has studied and many prominent artists.

Duane has exhibited in one gallery in Ottawa and displayed two shows while stationed there. He transferred to Nova Scotia and now lives in Halifax. He has exhibited in several Nova Scotia galleries over the years and has sent paintings to California for sale. Duane is presently exhibiting in the metro area of Nova Scotia and will soon exhibit in the Valley and down the South shore.


Duane paints in four mediums, although his main focuses are oil and watercolour. Duane says that his training in commercial art has allowed him to paint portraits as well as other subject matter.

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