Collection: Vaughan, Jeremy

Jeremy Vaughan grew up in Middle Musquodoboit, NS, where he was surrounded at home by his mother teaching children's art classes, a pottery studio upstairs, friends riding bicycles around the ping pong table in the huge living room and swinging from the Tarzan rope that hung from the ceiling. His father, after coming home from training for marathons, would attempt to set skipping rope world records in the kitchen and taught Jeremy to juggle at an early age. He was doomed to a life in the arts. 

After studying ceramics and photography at NSCAD, he turned his hand to painting. In addition to many shows in Nova Scotia, he has exhibited at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and elsewhere in Canada.

Artist Statement

When I first started painting, it was a way to enlarge small drawings I had been making.  I wanted to trumpet the feelings of optimism and delight that I felt toward life in general and the natural world in particular. I am still inspired greatly by the dogged determination of plants to grow and the gift that growing things make of themselves. It is my ambition to channel more of the proceeds from my paintings toward organizations that actively protect wild places. I admire artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe and Emily Carr who painted flowers, forests and the land as living, sensual bodies. I hope over time to come closer to realizing such a vision in my own work.