Collection: Vodicka, Alexa

Alexa Vodicka is a local, self-taught watercolour artist who seizes opportunities outside of her workday to sketch while experiencing life. 

A few or her pieces have been shared with the United Way Halifax, Toastmasters International, Government of Nova Scotia, Bella Rose Arts Centre, London (Ontario) District Catholic School Board and visitors from the United States, Switzerland, Italy and Qatar.

Alexa never leaves home without her watercolour-travel pad and favourite pens. She has enjoyed sketching in Dartmouth, Chicago, Wolfville, Paris, London, Prague, Halifax, Portland, Santa Clara, Las Angeles, Mount Washington, Sir Sandford Flemming Park - in any location that intrigues her.

Artist Statement

Sketching has become a favourite pastime because of the joy and relaxation that surfaces while she’s being creative. She has discovered that sketching enables her to stop and observe layers of details that may have gone unnoticed if she had simply continued to go straight ahead to her intended destination. Her favourite subjects are historic, weathered and contemporary buildings, nature's beautiful landscapes, and the interesting people that create our communities. 

As a proud Nova Scotian, she enjoys showing viewers parts of urban Halifax and other rural areas of the province to intrigue them to come closer, visit or rediscover this beautiful landscape.

She hopes sharing her love for sketching will:

Visually promote Nova Scotia sights (natural form and man-made), businesses, to ultimately increase desire to visit and/or return;

  • Inspire others to explore their artistic capability;
  • Create an artistic record of Halifax, Dartmouth and Nova Scotia’s beautiful places;
  • Enable viewers to enjoy an attractive visual reflection of memorable Nova Scotia visits and experiences.