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vonJoanie is an artist and posh brand; her creative abilities have shone prominently in life only jaded by her nemeses: perfection and mental illness. For these reasons, vonJoanie held back from her dream of expression through painting.

In 2019, she was rewarded a fiscal year-end reward for her business banking successes. However, family devastation uprooted her steady corporate lifestyle at the young age of 22. In 2020 the global pandemic emphasized this uproot. She began painting as a means of escape - expressing feelings she didn’t understand herself. As interest in her banking career diminished, she was drawn to creativity. In 2021, vonJoanie moved from her home province of PEI to the lands of Nova Scotia. She was enticed by the city life, the opportunities and diversity this larger maritime province offered. It proved to be a lonely year amidst closures and deep depression. During this time, her faith in her dream didn’t waiver but grew. She painted by the ocean, on hills - anywhere she was drawn to her canvases travelled with her.

In 2022 vonJoanie’s debut is long overdue. Her presence is ready to be perceived by those who are intrigued with her work. Expanding her art career is the first step in the next phase of her life. With success, the universal language of art draws her to create comradery, hosting artistic events celebrating creations. vonJoanie is drawn to human connection- this can be also seen in her love for economics. She plans to pursue economic studies this year while continuing to express herself on canvas. 



The idea of having anyone from around the world view my art piece and understand it through their own eyes is beautiful. I love universal inclusion; in my eyes, economics is applicable to everyone around the world, and so is art.


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