Wedler, Edward

Edward Wedler paints rural and urban landscapes in watercolour -- en plein air.

He belongs to six plein air art groups -- three in Florida and three in Nova Scotia; founding two -- and initiated collaboration between the Halifax Urban Sketchers and the Nova Scotia Association of Architects.

With a background in engineering and applied science (satellite oceanography) and as a mainly self-taught artist, we can see him one day immersed in computer code and technology, the next day preparing a speech, exploring artificial intelligence in the arts, writing a humorous speech, cartooning, or painting en plein air.

Artist Statement

Each day brings us something new to discover and enjoy. For me, it could be a humorous story told, a watercolour painting, a scientific breakthrough, a clever line of computer code, some cool Latin jazz, a shared recipe, an eagle putt, a discovered trail, or a special smile. My passion is to interpret our landscapes through watercolour eyes -- with a splash of ink and a dash of mixed media. I love the left-brain-right-brain dance and spontaneity of watercolour as it mixes to yield surprising results. My dream is to paint en plein air across Canada and Australia. Need a benefactor.  

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