Collection: Wedler, Edward

Edward paints urban and rural motifs in watercolour -- en plein air

With a background in engineering research and applied science, Edward had a unique perspective on exploring patterns, shapes, and colour by studying earth and ocean satellite imagery. As a self-taught artist, we can see him one day immersed in computer code and technology; the next day preparing a humorous speech, exploring artificial intelligence in the arts, hiking, cartooning, or painting outdoors.

Edward paints year round in the USA and in Canada. He belongs to six plein air art groups, founding Plein Air Artists Annapolis Valley and Plein Air Artists HRM. He initiated an annual collaboration between Halifax Urban Sketchers and the Nova Scotia Association of Architects. Edward designed the plein air map at now viewed thousands of times by art-lovers and visitors to Nova Scotia.

He and his wife, Anne, have both embarked on a 6,000 km en plein air painting trek from Nova Scotia to Lake Superior (and back). Their “Footsteps East” ( project is a tenting and painting journey through landscapes that inspired Canada’s Group of Seven artists and culminates in an exhibition of original works in September 2023 at Teichert Gallery.

Edward was born in Melbourne, Australia, and now resides in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

Artist Statement

Watercolour is an intellectual challenge yet mercifully magical. It's like visual jazz.

I love the left-brain-right-brain dance and spontaneity of watercolour as it mixes to yield surprising results. Having my "studio" outdoors (en plein air) is an added bonus to the painting experience -- despite rain, snow, fog, heat, bears, or bugs. My passion is to soak up and interpret our landscapes through watercolour eyes -- with a splash of ink and a dash of mixed media.

Each day brings us something new to discover and enjoy. For me it could be a humorous story told, a scientific breakthrough, a clever line of computer code, a shared recipe, a new hiking trail, a special smile, an inspiring painting, or a special smile.

My dream is to “slow travel” across Canada and Australia painting enroute, sharpening my skills, and meeting like-minded artists.