Collection: Wile-Brumm, Diane

Born in Halifax, raised in Ontario, Diane returned to Nova Scotia to complete her education and has remained here ever since.

She studied at NSCAD and later completed many intensive workshops with established artists including Nancy Stevens, Jeanie Hancock, Brian Atyeo, and Kay Stanfield. Since 2000, her works have been shown in a number of local galleries.

Diane now lives in Mahone Bay, happy to be close to where her ancestors lived. She has a studio in the Mahone Bay Centre.

Artist Statement

It is not easy to pin down the reason I paint, but it feels like an emotional need. The act of painting is occasionally soothing and often frustrating, but when I am “in the moment”, little else matters. I know it’s been a good day when I’m happy with my painting.

I believe that the simplest things in life are what make us happy, and simple things inspire me most. Natural organic forms, a face glimpsed in a crowd or that of a friend, the shape of a rooftop against the sky.

I work mainly in watercolour, occasionally in acrylic or mixed media, and my preferred subject matter includes figure work and still life.

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