Willams, Keshena

Keshena Williams is a native of Nova Scotia. She grew up spending time between her parent's home town of Wolfville, and Halifax where she was raised. As a child and young adult she also spent many weekends and summers camping and exploring different places in Nova Scotia with her family. These experiences fostered a love and appreciation for the beauty of nature that continues to be a source of ideas and inspiration in Williams' paintings.

Williams studied art at NSCAD in 1992 and continued to pursue an undergraduate degree in Contemporary Studies at the University of Kings' College. After completing a Bachelor of Education Degree at Acadia University in 2001, a career in teaching has enabled her to travel and live in Asia, Europe and The Middle East. Throughout her academic studies and time overseas, Williams never stopped painting and drawing. She filled sketchbooks with images and ideas and worked on exercises to develop her skills as an artist.

Artist Statement

I have always drawn and painted from a very young age and have always wanted to be an artist, but I also had a longing to travel and see the world. A career in teaching has enabled me to live and work in Asia, Europe and The Middle East and through these travels I have been able to gain new insights and broaden my perspectives and perceptions. Although I enjoyed working and living overseas I could never escape a longing for home. Every time I would return to Nova Scotia in between travels I would always feel amazed and awakened by the magic and beauty of the familiar landscapes and scenes of my home province. When I would return overseas, I would always carry some of these beautiful and familiar images of home with me.