Collection: Wright, Lisa

Lisa Wright lived in Toronto for several decades. After a time, the pleasures of being a mother, social worker and business owner gave way to major changes. She answered the call and moved to Nova Scotia, the land of artists.

Lisa committed to her art, studying faithfully, painting like mad and experimenting; it became her essential self. Group shows have expanded her view, and solo exhibitions have pushed her creative growth. Her work has been featured at Bedford Eye Care Centre, Trellis Café, and several galleries throughout Nova Scotia.

Artist Statement

Once I discovered the joy of abstract painting, I lived a different life. My past and present now flow in layers on the canvas. Early on I knew Abstract Expressionism was it. Paint can capture the tension between emotion, memory and connection. My painting must be dynamic whether in acrylic, oil or mixed media. Using brushes, carving tools or even brooms, I layer, destroy, recreate, and scrape down to lower levels. Nothing is actually lost or discarded, just recombined into a new wholeness.