Collection: Ji, Wenxiu

Wenxiu Ji lives in Halifax. She was born and raised in Xi’ an , a historical city in China. She got a BFA from the Xi’ an Academy of Fine Art in 2008. She taught painting and drawing, then built her own art studio. In 2016, she moved to Canada. She’d been living for a year in Vancouver, BC. Then, she moved to Nova Scotia and studied painting with a minor in art history, especially film history. She received her second BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2020. Her work can be found in many private collections across the country. She always keeps a pure and free heart to explore the art world.

Artist Statement

Whenever I am making artwork or I am sitting beside my artwork, I can imagine that light, point, line, colour, breath, and movement, they are all connected. Not only on the surface but also in the deep. Bringing a sketch book and a pen and walking around in the city is my favourite routine