Collection: McLean, Suzanne

 Suzanne is an emerging artist working in acrylics. She paints landscapes inspired by the natural world around her, working from memory as well as from photos, interpreting what she sees into terms of light and shadow, colour and form.

Suzanne’s approach to painting is based in impressionism that can often lean into the abstract depending on the subject matter, finding joy in work that allows an emotional response to the landscape.

Suzanne lives with her husband in northern Nova Scotia where she paints in her studio near the Northumberland shore.

Artist Statement

“Here in Nova Scotia I spend a lot of time looking at details, the lay of the land, light on water, the evolving colour palette of the changing seasons. It’s my desire to capture a sense of place with line and movement and to communicate that to the viewer. Living close to the sea, where everything is shaped by tides and wind, I’m inspired by simply stepping out my front door.”