Collection: Shalagan, Lynda

Lynda Shalagan grew up in Vancouver, B.C. In the Late 1970s, she began taking craft and fine art courses at Capilano College and subsequently transferred to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, where she completed her BFA in 1982 with a major in painting.

Currently, Lynda lives in Halifax, teaches workshops to both children and adults, and continues to paint in her studio / Artz Gallery. She exhibits both locally and nationally.

Artist Statement

My current work in painting, while oscillating between representation and abstraction, documents my interest in the natural world. In the creative process, I focus on intuitive and observed equivalents to natural processes and forms.

My work evolves in the studio, beginning with a variety of photographic sources collected locally and in my travels. Often abandoning the photographic material and working more intuitively, I use a variety of layering and scraping techniques, often employing very thickly painted surfaces. While trying to retain my emotional reaction to my subject, I try also to evoke a sense of the passage of time and continual rebirth.