Collection: Ziraldo, Lorena

Lorena Ziraldo was born in Italy and raised in Toronto. She was always interested in the arts from both a hands on and historical perspective. She studied art history at the University of Toronto, and then went on to earn a BFA from NSCAD with a major in painting, where she was awarded the Centennial Scholarship. At NSCAD she studied with and was supported by Gerald Ferguson.

Lorena’s work has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions, and can be found in corporate and private collections across Canada, the U.S, and Europe. She currently resides in Ottawa ON.

Artist Statement

Whether dealing with landscape, still life or portraiture, knowing that I can render an object is important. Formal aspects fascinate me: colour, drawing or painting, space and composition, and deciding what is enough.

I like to allow for an encounter with my paintings – reflection, evoking a memory, or maybe something less tangible. Looking at the work of my personal heroes (Dine, Matisse, Picasso) helps resolve problems; with each painting, new questions arise.